Once upon a time, there was a cow.
She was getting bored in her field …
I’m fed up with the rain, she said.
I’d like to live in a hot country.
What if I were …
A zebra ?
Yes !
Lots of friends to play with,
and lots of space to run about.
But …
But all these stripes look just like the rain !
What if I were …
A giraffe ?
Oooh !
With long legs and a long neck,
I could see the lion coming from far away.
Well, that is …
That is, if my head didn’t get caught in
the trees !
So, What if I were …
A monkey ?
Hop hop !
I could climb trees
Aaah …
Aaah ! But it’s too high !
I feel dizzy
What if I were …
An elephant ?
Pom pom pom !
An elephant is big and large and strong.
But …
But these big ears are blinding me
and I keep stepping on my trunk !
What if I were …
A crocodile ?
Oh yes !
With a river to give me cover
the lion could not catch me.
But …
Alas … I can’t swim !
What if I were …
A lion ?
Grrr !
With my beautiful mane, I’d be the king of the jungle.
My turn to terrify the other animals.
But …
Yuck ! I hate meat. I makes me sick.
Actually …
What I like best is the fresh grass
I can graze quietly in my field.
What if I were a cow ?

Text and illustrations Pascal COX