Lili’s fear
- Lili ! Time to get up, little sleepy-head !
Breakfast is ready.
Yaaawn !
- Coming, Mummy !
Hello Teddy, wake up ! Mum’s waiting for us.
- You don’t look too well this morning, Lili.
Didn’t you have a good night ?
- No, some noise in my room woke me up and I was scared.
- You probably had a bad dream, sweetie.
- No, I didn’t, Mum ...
- I’m sure there’s a BEAST in my room, Mum.
- A beast ? what sort of beast ?
- I don’t know, but I’m SURE there IS one, I heard it !
- Hey, calm down ! I believe you. We’re going to deal with this beast, but before that, let’s make a stop in the bathroom and get dressed.
- Good ! With a colander as a helmet and a broom for a sword, here’s a real warrior, ready to get rid of that beast.
- What about Teddy, Mum ? What’s he going to wear ?
- Well, what do you think of a funnel for the helmet and a skimmer as a sword ?
Great ! Let’s go !
- All right ! Soldier Lili, soldier Teddy-bear, are you ready ?
- Mum, this is Teddy. His name’s Teddy not Teddy bear.
- Oh, sorry ! Soldier Lili, soldier Teddy. Ready ?
- Yes, Mum. But you know ... I’m a bit scared.
- That’s all right, sweetie. I’ll go into your room first and then I’ll call you. Now you stay by the door and keep watch with Teddy.
- So ? Can you see anything ?
- Oh, yes ! And I think I know what the beast is ... I’ve found some clues under the bed.
- Be careful, Mum !
- Don’t worry, we’ll manage. There’s something in the cellar that’s just what we need.
Back from the cellar, Mum is putting a small cage on the bed.
- This should help us catch the beast.
- It’s too small ! That monster will never fit inside, Mum !
- Sure it will ! It’s a magic cage. It makes monsters small enough to fit.
- Ooooh ! Lili exclaims.
- Let’s put it here with a small piece of cheese inside, says Mum.
- You think this monsters like cheese ? Asks Lili, surprised.
- I think this monster will. Let’s be very quiet and wait in the hallway. It will come out soon, you’ll see.
- Hush ! Listen ! I think I can hear it ...
Scritch ... scratch ... CLAP !
The trap has closed. I didn’t think it would be so easy to catch. That beast must’ve been very hungry indeed !
Let’s go and see the terrible monster that scared my little Lili.
- But it’s not a monster ! It’s only a little mouse ! How cute !
We’re not going to hurt it, are we, Mum ?
- Of course not, sweetie. If you like, we’re going to release it in the garden.
- It looks so happy to be free ! Goodbye, little mouse !
- I think it’s waving to us ... Bye bye, bye bye little mouse !

Text and illustrations Pascal COX